Purex Crystals ~ A Review & Giveaway!

Purex Crystals

I’ve recently had the opportunity to try out the new Purex Crystals Softener and I have to say that it’s pretty good!

I was really hesitant when I first got it because you are to put it in the washer when you put all the clothes in it. My first thought was how is that going to soften and freshen my laundry… it’s going to dissolve as soon as the washer fills with water. Now my second thought was more of a concern really because I have a front loading washer and at first I wasn’t sure if I could use the Purex Crystals with my machine. I soon found out that they’re completely safe for my front loader and soften my laundry!

What’s different about Purex Crystals is that it is not on oil based softener like the others on the market. It is safe for all your laundry and will preserve the flame retardant of your kids clothes, retain athletic wear’s wicking ability, maintain your towels’ built in ability to absorb water, and keeps your white clothes from yellowing or graying.

In case you’re wondering it comes in three different scents; Fresh Spring Waters, Lavender Blossom, and Tropical Splash. I’ve tried the first two and find that the scents aren’t to strong and lasts!

I want to share this great product with you! I have 3… yes, 3 coupons for a free full size Purex Crystals for you to win!

To make it simple all you have to do is tell me why you want to try Purex Crystals.

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Great #Giveaway!! Win Purex Crystals Softener from @JackieCross http://www.withjustabitofmagic.com/purex-crystals

This contest ends on Monday, March 14th at 11:59pm and the winners will on Tuesday, March 15th via random.org. The winners will be notified and have 24 hours to respond.

Good luck!


This image shows a Volkswagen Beetle in the st...

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You’ve all played the game as kids or still do where you see a Volkswagen Beetle and yell out “Slug Bug!” and punch the person sitting next to you. Loads of fun I know, unless of course your slow with the game and are the one getting hit all the time!

Well, there’s a new game in town. One that I thought was limited to my oldest daughter and her friend and then I realized that it was much bigger than that.

Yellow is the name of the game. You see a yellow car and yell out Yellow! Simple as that, right? So I thought. My middle daughter informed me that I’m wrong (big surprise, huh).

We were leaving the high school after dropping the oldest off and on the way to the middle school to drop her off and in pulls a yellow car. I saw it first and yelled out Yellow!

And then she tells me that it doesn’t count because it’s there every day. What?? Really.

So from there we get into this discussion on the “rules” of Yellow.

  • If we see it in the same place daily it doesn’t count.
  • If it’s a bus it doesn’t count.
  • If it’s not moving it doesn’t count.

I think there’s more to the list, but at that point I just started making fun of it all and pointed out & yelled Yellow! for every thing I could see! House’s (yea, like 4 of them), cars that didn’t count, and I even thought about the 3 or so buses that we passed but figured that’d be overkill.

Seriously, they’re trying to make it more difficult for me to win! I mean there are only so many damn yellow vehicles in this small town!


I think that this is the perfect way to start the week when you wasted away the weekend and didn’t write a single thing. Nothing. Oh… wait… that’s a lie. I did write something but it was for my husband to turn into the local Chamber of Commerce for their newsletter.

Besides that it’s a good idea to help & support your friends when they start something new!!!

Dysfunctional Supermom

I’m going to warn you now… this is the official video and it’s really LONG! But the song is awesome! And so is Jared Leto.

You can head over to You Tube and find the song without the long video too. I just didn’t like any of the shorter ones since they weren’t the official one, mostly fan made videos.

What is your favorite song at the moment? Is it something new and hip or is it something that you heard a long time ago and it stands the test of time?

UPDATE: If you just want to hear the song check out this link. It’s shorter!

Day 20 ~ Drugs & Alcohol

Day 20 – Your views on drugs and alcohol.

30 Days of Truth

What can I say…. drugs are bad. Don’t do them. They will mess up your life, you’ll do & say things that you’ll regret.

Alcohol is similar I suppose. You can mess up your life, you’ll do & say things that you’ll regret.

Both of them lower your inhibitions and allow you to do things that you wouldn’t normally do.

Okay, enough of the lecture, right? Yea, I drink on occasion. I mean who doesn’t like the weekly wineparty on Twitter every Friday night? Or a nice mixed drink when you go out to dinner?

I will admit that when I was younger that I drank a lot more, partied and danced the night away with friends. Now I am way to old for all that!

I like going out for a drink with the husband and friends once in a while, but that happens so rarely that it doesn’t even count anymore!

So share your thoughts with me now. What do you think about drugs & alcohol?

Day 15 ~ Something I can’t live without

Day 15 — Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.

30 Days of Truth

I admit that this post is really late. But in my defense I started it really early this morning and then I saw my awesome friend Jill’s post. And I was all, NOOOO!!! Yea, once again our posts are the same! This seems to be happening a lot with this 30 Days of Truth series, but that’s okay because we’re learning more and more about one another and how similar we are!

So, something that I can’t live without.

Diet Coke.

Diet Coke and Mentos geyser.

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I love Diet Coke. I drink it daily because for me and Jill it’s our form of coffee. I can’t speak for Jill but I don’t like coffee at all.

I’ve been trying to be good and just drink one a day and so far have been doing really well! I’ve cut back (not giving up) on the Diet Coke and have increased my water intake. And before you ask, No it’s not a huge vat of Diet Coke that I drink as my one a day!

So, tell me what is something that you can’t live without.

3 Things I’d Say to My 17-Year-Old Self If Had the Chance

Hey there! I have a great guest post for you all today! It’s my great friend Brandi from Dysfunctional Supermom!

We met a while back on Twitter, hit it off and have been friends ever since! She’s a great, really (she even sent me an awesome necklace for helping her out)! Check out her blog you’re sure to be entertained with what she has to say about life, kids, and everything in between!

Like me she’s a mom with 4 awesome kids and it took a marriage or two to find the perfect man, in her case it’s The Saint. Between the two of us we’re learning things along the way and doing the very best that we can for our kids.

Hope that you enjoy the break from the regularly scheduled programming! Oh! I almost forgot! I’m over at her place today…. go check it out! Quickly!


Why, hello there, magic lovers. I’m very excited to be here and can’t say enough about your wonderful
bloggess, Jackie. She’s been more than a doll to me in the short time we’ve been friends and the fact
that she’s willing to let me post here just proves that she’s got HUGE *ahem* heart. *Snort*

I’ve got to tell you, that when I tossed out the feelers to see which of my Twitter friends wanted to do
a blog swap with me, I was very happy that Jackie was the one to jump on in. I like Jackie. She’s pretty

And I stayed happy, because we easily agreed on the topic: ‘things we’d tell our younger selves’. Easy
breezy, mac & cheesy. (Ummm…by the way, I feel as though I should tell you that since I’m doing my
very best not to be full of the foul over here out of respect for Jackie’s space; I’ve decided that to make
up for it, I’m going to be the most obnoxiously corny character I possibly can. You’re welcome.)

Where were we?

Oh yeah. Sorry.

Ok, so I started thinking about my younger self. My 17 year old, engaged to my first husband, fresh out
of high school self; and y’all…she started to piss me off. (Wait. Can I say that here?)

Crap. Anyway.

So here goes.

Dear Brandi,

There are few things I’d like you to know before you take one more step. So, please, PLEASE, for the love
of all things holy…STOP! That’s it. Right there.

Nope. Don’t even bother opening that cute little pie-hole of yours; because nothing insightful will come
out anyway. No, you are not as wise as you think you are; so just please sit down and shut up for a few
minutes. This won’t take long, but it just might save you a couple decades of pain and suffering.

Ready? Here we go.

1. 18 is too young to get married. Period. You are not ready. Everyone around you that says
otherwise is a moron. Do not listen to them. It doesn’t matter that he is a preacher and comes
from a good family, because he is also too young and you will both regret it. Trust me. However,
I know that you are going to do this anyway, which leads me to number 2.
2. When you are 23 and your life is falling apart around you: your marriage, your career,
your friendships…and everything you believed to be stable and ‘real’ all of the sudden
crumbles…please do not blame yourself. You are only human: just a little girl still in many, many
ways. God is great, but therapy is necessary. Start early. Trust me on this one.
3. Finally, at least for now, because there is so much more that I want to tell you, but I’m going to

need a big ass journal. (Wait…can I say that here? CRAP!) *Sigh*
You are NOT the sum of all of your failures, or your successes. You are a paradox. You are
cracked, but not broken. You are a little ‘off’ but not crazy. You will be a different kind of
mother, but you will be damn good at it. You will have no idea what you want to be when you
grow up for a very, very long time…but you will also be okay with that fact.

Cut yourself some slack, girl. You’re worth the effort.