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You’ve all played the game as kids or still do where you see a Volkswagen Beetle and yell out “Slug Bug!” and punch the person sitting next to you. Loads of fun I know, unless of course your slow with the game and are the one getting hit all the time!

Well, there’s a new game in town. One that I thought was limited to my oldest daughter and her friend and then I realized that it was much bigger than that.

Yellow is the name of the game. You see a yellow car and yell out Yellow! Simple as that, right? So I thought. My middle daughter informed me that I’m wrong (big surprise, huh).

We were leaving the high school after dropping the oldest off and on the way to the middle school to drop her off and in pulls a yellow car. I saw it first and yelled out Yellow!

And then she tells me that it doesn’t count because it’s there every day. What?? Really.

So from there we get into this discussion on the “rules” of Yellow.

  • If we see it in the same place daily it doesn’t count.
  • If it’s a bus it doesn’t count.
  • If it’s not moving it doesn’t count.

I think there’s more to the list, but at that point I just started making fun of it all and pointed out & yelled Yellow! for every thing I could see! House’s (yea, like 4 of them), cars that didn’t count, and I even thought about the 3 or so buses that we passed but figured that’d be overkill.

Seriously, they’re trying to make it more difficult for me to win! I mean there are only so many damn yellow vehicles in this small town!

I’m not at Blissdom!

Well, by now you’ve noticed that many people aren’t at Blissdom and that I’m one of them. I really wanted to go, but with all the logistics I wasn’t able to. My goal is to get to at least one conference this year though! I must meet all my great online friends in real life! I must!

After Tweeting about not going, Mom with a Minivan asked me to join her blog hop! How could I not?

You can also check out Sluiter Nation and Not Just Super, Just Mom for their awesome blogging event as well!  It’s a lot of fun!

1. When did you start blogging and Why?

I think I may have answered this a time or two. Let’s just link to those instead of me writing the answer all over again! So take a look here and maybe here and hopefully that answers the question! But feel free to come on back here and ask as many questions as you’d like!
2. What is one thing you are going to do this week that is WAY cooler than going to Blissdom?

Well, for starters I’m going to go to work and do fun & exciting product management type stuff. You’re jealous aren’t you? I’ll also continue on with my duties as chauffeur to the children, cook, maid, laundress, teacher, and wife.

Really the best part about NOT going to Blissdom is that I’ll be celebrating my son’s first birthday! I’m pretty excited about that!

3. Share a post that you think says a lot about you or is your favorite.

Hmm… something that says a lot about me or is one of my favorites. Now for some reason this is a tough one because I’m not sure what to share. I wrote a post a while back about 10 things that I believe and this could be a good place to start to learn more about me. I’m not sure that I really have a favorite. Actually it’s more like nothing has come to mind immediately which is fine.

I do invite you to take a look at new post, old posts, and whatever grabs your attention in between!

Wordless Wednesday ~ 1 year old

Tomorrow my little guy will be one year old and sometimes it’s hard to believe how fast the first year went by. It feels like I’ve missed something and that it can’t be a year already.

Andrew - 1 yr

Andrew & Cake

Andrew & His Hat

Andrew & His Hat

He didn’t want to really wear the hat! He liked playing with it a lot more so I didn’t get the pictures of him in it that I wanted, but that’s fine. Wrangling a busy 1 year old was a challenge all it’s own!