Have a HoneyBaked Easter!

Disclosure: I received a gift card to purchase a HoneyBaked ham for this post. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

Easter hasn’t always been one of my favorite holidays for one reason or another. But what I do like about it is that it’s the one meal where we always have delicious ham and scalloped potatoes. It’s so warm & comforting and I could eat it at least once a week.

Of course we will have ham this Easter, but I didn’t save my amazing HoneyBaked ham for the upcoming holiday. Instead, I decided that I would I served it at my daughter’s 12th birthday party.  Our birthday parties always include lots of family in addition to a few of the kids friends and instead of the traditional birthday dinner of pizza or sloppy joes I decided to change things up a bit.

HoneyBaked Ham - In the bag

I went all out and served a HoneyBaked ham, potato salad, fruit salad,  and baked beans this year. Everyone loved it! Even the kids. It really was a simple (I’m all about making things easy and simple) meal to prepare since the ham is already cooked and sliced for me. The hardest part was keeping all the fingers from grabbing ham as I was putting on a platter for the party. “Mmm… ham”, was often heard when my kids snuck a piece.

HoneyBaked Ham

I think that it made my daughter’s birthday party a little extra special this year too.

I’m not sure what makes HoneyBaked ham so special. Maybe it’s the crunchy glaze that it on top of it, or the delicate sweetness of the ham, or it could be the ease in which you can easily grab a slice and eat it on the go. What I do know is that it makes the simplest birthday parties extra special as well as an amazing part of any holiday meal.

HoneyBaked Ham - Up Close

Look at that crispy glaze!

The HoneyBaked hams (and smoked turkeys) are perfect for sandwiches too! I know that we’ve made an entire dinner out of leftover ham sandwiches alone and they were great.

I also highly recommend the cinnamon walnut coffee cake… I’d share a pic of the one we had but my family ate it so fast that I barely had time to grab a piece for myself.

If you’re looking to make your Easter super simple this year keep HoneyBaked in mind. They have a lot of great deals going on right now with in-store specials.

  • $54.99 Easter Ham & Turkey Combo – Pair a Turkey Breast (approx. 3 lbs.) with your choice of a Boneless Ham (approx. 3.5 lbs.) or Quarter Ham (approx. 4.5 lbs.)
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  • $24.99 Easter Brunch Bundle – Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake and Honey-Spice Bacon<
  • Heat & Share Sides: Two for $13.99, three for $19.99

OR one of these great coupon deals!

  • $5 OFF Half Ham (Bone-in) or Become a HoneyBaked VIP at honeybakedfoods.com (Save an extra $1 when you sign up to become a HoneyBaked VIP at honeybakedfoods.com: $6 OFF )
  • $3 OFF Boneless Ham or Quarter Ham

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