Money Spent

The prompts that Mama Kat has are so easy. Every week I get the email with the new prompts for the Thursday link up and there is always one that stands out. One that I have something that I know I can write about.

I know…. I know… you’re thinking, ‘well if they’re that easy why don’t you ever write?’ Good question and my answer is that I’m lazy. I’ve let blogging fall to the wayside and I’ve spent my time doing other things (getting my life in order more or less). Sometimes I’ve done nothing at all too, which is also pretty nice.

So the prompt I picked…. The most exciting thing you purchased this month….

Brass M - University of Michigan

The brass M marks the center of campus

Well, hands down I would have to say that the deposit to the University of Michigan where my daughter will be attending this fall! 

University of Michigan Union

Cait in front of the U of M union

It really was exciting to spend the better part of the day at U of M walking around the campus, taking in everything that was going on, listening to my daughter tell me about all the buildings and some of the history behind them (she’s been there on a few tours so she knows a lot).

Even in the middle of a Michigan spring where it’s a bit chilly, a little rainy, and lacking in leaves swaying in the breeze it was a beautiful campus. I can only imagine what it will look like come summer or even fall. The campus is right in the middle of Ann Arbor, nestled in a little valley, and is full of old trees, gorgeous architecture, and something new around every corner to explore.

University of Michigan law quad

University of Michigan law quad

I can’t wait to see the law quad when all the trees are full of fall color! I think that it’ll look even more like Hogworts then!

There is something exciting about putting down that deposit and not just for my daughter but for me as well. It’s a new chapter in our lives…. a little exciting, a little scary, and at times challenging.

High school has been a long road and it’s coming to an end for her and when fall comes she’ll be off to a place that she absolutely loves. Knowing that she loves it there makes it a little easier for me… also that it’s less than 2 hours away helps too.

So tell me…  what is the most exciting thing you’ve purchased this month? Can you top the U of M deposit?

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